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Leaders Thrive in Complexity and Change with More Intentional Leadership

My approach to facilitation is designed to make the process of strategic thinking, planning and decision making easier. I will help you devise the agenda, run the session by combining team coaching and facilitation approaches, capture actions from the meeting and partner with you to ensure there is strong commitment and follow-through from the day.

I will lead a facilitation process that stimulates group learning and energetic discussion, encourages healthy debate, and supports everyone in the room to participate in the process to make more informed choices and decisions.

As an experienced team leader, I combine professionally certified coaching skills with the benefit of practical c-level strategy and operational experience. With over a decade as Chief Operating Officer of a marketing services company, I will be with you every step of the way to turn insights from the session into a plan of action.

Facilitation Approach

I will facilitate an open session where everyone in the room gets the opportunity to be heard and contribute. This process starts with contracting the workshop to establish goals, group behaviours and desired outcome from the meeting. There are four principles that describe my approach to facilitating a workshop.

Knowing Enquiry

As your facilitator, my role focuses on delivering an effective process, although, with permission, I will bring a knowing enquiry by asking questions that challenges the group. Looking to explore possible blind spots, assumptions and the stories that might be getting in the way of the desired goals for the session.

Psychological Safety

I will partner with the sponsor of the session to develop the psychological safety that encourages people to participate fully in the meeting by role modelling the behaviours that signal this is a safe space to contribute without fear of repercussions.

Perspective Taking

As a professionally certified coach, I will bring the tools and resources to help the group to challenge their biases and consider a broader range of perspectives in problem-solving and decision making. Also, working to ensure the group has the information it needs to make more informed choices and create a deeper commitment to outcomes from the session.


With over a decade as a chief operating officer of a marketing services company, one of my strength as a facilitator is the ability to help turn insights into a plan of action. I will help you capture decisions, partner in developing an implementational plan, recognise gaps in organisational capabilities, and help you identify the barriers to making things happen.

I work with c-level leaders, future leaders and high-potential teams to achieve results through executive coaching, workshop facilitation, and team development.

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“Thank you once again for facilitating our meeting yesterday – it was a great day, and everyone was so excited and enthused with the newly formed clarity”.

Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Services

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