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Coaching For More Intentional Leadership From the Inside Out

The most successful teams are those made up of people with diversity in skills, thinking styles and experience that is relevant to the goals, tasks and purpose of the team. The challenge for many teams is harnessing these differences by developing work practices that are more inclusive and make better use of a team’s collective strengths and attributes. My development programs will help a team better value, recognise and leverage differences to elevate performance.

Successful teams need to feel safe to take interpersonal risks. I partner with a team leader to develop the psychological safety that enables ideological conflict, strengthens decision-making and a team’s commitment to achieving results. My team coaching will transform destructive team dynamics into more productive and results-focused interpersonal relationships.

Team Coaching

In a complex, fast-paced knowledge economy, the ability to work effectively as a team is essential to business success. My team coaching programs are designed to facilitate deliberate action and help a team maximise their collective potential and build the foundations for long-term success.

Team coaching supports each member of the team, alongside coaching the interpersonal relationships, team and stakeholder dynamics that influence performance. My team coaching programs follow six distinct phases; commissioning, discovery, contracting, program design, check-in’s with the team leader and a program review meeting to assess the effectiveness of the coaching engagement.

The benefits of my team coaching programs include increased commitment to a shared purpose and goals, developing psychological safety and trust, accountability to results, improved team morale, better leveraging of differences and improved interpersonal effectiveness including decision-making and conflict resolution.

Team Effectiveness Workshops

With over two decades, leading high-performance teams in marketing service organisations, my programs are both evidence-based and offer practical, real-world insights. Modules are designed to enhance collective leadership through reflection, dialogue, practising new skills, and embed the behaviours that will increase effectiveness.

I have a range of targeted team effectiveness workshops that can be incorporated into a bespoke development program or used to address specific team challenges. The modules provide a best practice understanding of the competencies associated with high performing teams. Each module can be used to facilitate discussion and develop an action plan to address real-time team challenges.

Each module combines coaching, mentoring and workshop activities into a range of dynamic and high-impact modules that encourages the team to put these new skills into practice through role-play activities, simulations and the opportunity to reflect on their experiences.

To assess the impact of the workshops and coaching sessions, I can conduct pre and post online surveys, as well as stakeholder interviews to assess the program’s impact, and to design content for future team sessions.

I work with c-level leaders, future leaders and high-potential teams to achieve results through executive coaching, workshop facilitation, and team development.

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Team Development

Team development programs combine coaching with mentoring and workshop activites. The coaching process includes collecting stakeholder feedback and team interviews to understand the barriers to effectiveness. I have a range of team effectiveness workshops that can be combined into a bespoke program based on the needs of the client and organisational context.


Team Coaching Program

  • A team coaching program is designed around the specific needs of the team and organisational context.
  • Programs typically include a commissioning meeting to take the brief, stakeholder interviews, contracting meeting with the team, series of team coaching sessions, and follow up meetings with the team leader.
  • The coaching sessions can combine with team effectiveness workshops to address specific capability gaps.

Team Effectiveness Workshop

  • A series of modules targeting specific team skills, everything from psychological safety, perspective taking and navigating difficult conversations.
  • The modules develop new group behaviours and strengthen the self-awareness of each member of the team.
  • Sessions range from 90 minutes to full-day workshops and combine theory and practice into an engaging session that facilitates deliberate action.


 “I think the coaching was really valuable for the whole team and I think we would benefit from more team-specific sessions in the future – Andrew was a great coach, knowledgeable, clear, well-spoken and listened very well”

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