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My leadership coaching takes an inside-out approach by addressing the being and doing of leadership, helping you become a more intentional leader.

With employee engagement at an all-time low, and as Millennials look for a more authentic connection with their manager, developing more intentional leaders has become a priority for organisations. These are the leaders who are more deliberate and purposeful in how they go about leading others and are not just focused on what they want to achieve.

Intentionality is about creating alignment between the goals of the organisation and your values and personal leadership priorities, and critically reflecting these in your behaviour and actions. It is this alignment between what we say and what we do that helps to foster the all-important trust that is needed in leading high-performance teams.

As a new leader, your measure of success has changed dramatically, from what you can contribute as an individual to your ability to positively influence others to achieve organisation goals. This change creates a shift in your role from being about task performance to sustaining team performance, based on a climate of trust and mutual respect.

In doing so, my inside-out development process combines looking at how your values and beliefs influence your leadership, alongside the opportunity to learn new skills and put these into practice. This dual approach is a more effective development approach and a process that will enhance your interpersonal effectiveness.

My program will help you explore the blind spots, emotional triggers and the assumptions that influence your performance. I take a systemic approach to explore your internal and external world for the interferences and the enablers that support you in achieving work-related goals.

In my experience, we tend to overstate our strengths but may not be so clear or ready to embrace our blind spots. I will help you recognise the disruptive behaviour that might be getting in the way and partner with you to develop proactive strategies to address these challenges.

As you take on a more senior role in your organisation, your need to manage the ambiguities of leadership increases. My inside-out approach will help you be more intentional in understanding how your values and beliefs can support you in periods of uncertainty and in facilitating organisational change.

My leadership programs blend coaching, mentoring and training based on your coaching goals. Programs are designed around the emotional intelligence competencies — a key a key indicator of high-performing leaders.

In delivering an evidence-based approach, I apply the latest research in leadership theory and practice with learnings from neuroscience and organisational coaching.

If you’d like to learn more about my leadership programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

Intentional Leadership Benefits

In a complex, fast-paced knowledge economy, the ability to manage your thoughts and feelings are essential to business success. Programs are designed to facilitate deliberate action and help you maximise your potential and build the foundations for long-term success.

Possible benefits include relationship-building, situational adaptability, collaboration, navigating change, team-building, strategic thinking, conflict management, executive presence, communication and influencing skills, active listening, and resilience in handling the ambiguities of leadership.

Intentional Leadership Programs

Leadership Development Programs are tailored to the needs of the client and the organisational context. Programs combine coaching with mentoring and training, with a series of leadership training modules that can be tailored based on the needs of the client and the organisational context. Below are two examples of the programs I offer in leadership development coaching and a blend of coaching and training.

Leadership Coaching

  • 3–9 month programs
  • 3–6 stakeholder interviews with a confidential feedback report.
  • 6–9 coaching and mentoring sessions of 60–90 minutes
  • Video check-in sessions conducted via ZOOM
  • Unlimited access to address urgent leadership challenges and opportunities

Intentional Leadership Program

  • 9–12 month program
  • 6 coaching and mentoring sessions of 60–90 minutes
  • 6 leadership development training modules
  • Video check-in sessions conducted via ZOOM
  • Unlimited access to address urgent leadership challenges and opportunities


Emotional intelligence – the ability to understand your effect on others and manage yourself accordingly—accounts for nearly 90 percent of what moves people up the ladder when IQ and technical skills are roughly similar.

Harvard Business Review, January 2004

Emotional Intelligence "What Makes a Leader"

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