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Coaching for More Intentional Leadership From the Inside Out

I have a results-focused process with a dual focus of partnering with you in reaching your professional goals, as well as supporting you in achieving results for your organisation.

My executive coaching will help you get to the crux of your leadership challenges in less time and achieve sustainable results by exploring the stories that are getting in the way. I take a narrative approach to coaching that has been used with over 20,000 leaders globally to achieve breakthrough results.

The possible roles for executive coaching include improving a leader’s interpersonal effectiveness, offering support implementing organisational change, and to provide help transitioning into a new leadership role.

Improved leadership effectiveness

Self-awareness is the foundation for effective leadership in today’s complex business environment. I will help deepen your understanding of the values and beliefs that support you in becoming a more intentional leader. This process will improve your interpersonal effectiveness and enable you to lead others with greater clarityand authenticity. In a recent coaching engagement, I worked with a leader who’s limiting beliefs were undermining their effectiveness in collaborating and communicating with their team. We identified the stories getting in the way and developed a new narrative to support their efficacy.

More effective leading organisational change

A critical role for you as a leader is to bring about organisational change. To achieve this requires increased collaboration in creating and executing your strategic vision. I offer a confidential partnership for you to reflect on your approach and how best to engage others in bringing about change. In a recent coaching program, I worked with a leader to explore the motivations of their stakeholder environment, developed a plan to build the commitment to implement their strategic vision, identified milestones and reviewed the organisational capabilities to deliver this plan.

Better able to transition into a new leadership role

Executive coaching is valuable in periods of change by helping leaders transition into a new role. Coaching programs are tailored to the specific context. To illustrate, a recent program included developing a 90-day plan for a leader the new role, worked on ways to improve their new team’s effectiveness and how they could overcome limiting beliefs in preparing for their first board meeting. With almost half of new leaders failing to gain traction in a new role, research suggests coaching can double the likelihood of success in a new position.

Clarity and resources to shift career direction

With the near-constant change, leaders, particularly mid-life, are facing or possibly seeking a career transition. Executive coaching can support leaders through this unsettling and often confronting period by providing a space to explore the stories that might be getting in the way of making a change. Also, identifying the values and beliefs that align with a leader’s professional goals. This confidential process is a place to develop the resources and create concrete plans for the future. I recently worked with a CEO looking to transition into a role that better fitted her values. This successful process included overcoming limiting beliefs in preparing for their first interview.

I work with c-level leaders, future leaders and high-potential teams to achieve results through executive coaching, workshop facilitation, and team development.

If you are looking for support, please get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

Coaching Benefits

If you are in a senior role, the opportunity to receive feedback diminishes. Executive coaching offers a way to gain valuable input at a crucial time when your behaviour has a significant impact on the culture of the company. As part of the coaching process, I will interview internal and external stakeholders to help guide your professional development and give you a better understand your impact and overall effectiveness.

For leaders, the benefits come with greater self-awareness of how your drivers influence your leadership and interpersonal effectiveness, including your communication, decision-making, conflict management, clarity, resilience, adaptability, team leadership and management of change.

At an organisational level, the benefits include increased employee engagement and retention through more effective leadership, with more engaged teams driving innovation, increased productivity, and more successful change programs.

Coaching Programs

Each executive coaching program is different, with every session tailored to the needs of the client and the organisational context. Individual sessions cover specific coaching goals, with coaching that is responsive to real-time business and leadership and operational challenges. Below are two executive coaching programs that illustrate the typical components.

Executive Program

  • 12-month engagement
  • Six stakeholder interviews with a confidential feedback report
  • 12 coaching sessions
  • Flexibility for face to face and via video conferencing
  • Unlimited access


Leadership Transition

  • 3-month engagement
  • Six coaching sessions
  • Opportunity to integrate mentoring and training sessions
  • Flexibility for face to face or coaching via video conferencing
  • Unlimited access

“I am feeling so totally different as a leader from when we commenced this process and am incredibly grateful for the confidence you have helped me build.”

Chief Operating Officer, Marketing Services

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