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My executive coaching takes an inside-out approach by having a dual focus: to work with you one-on-one in your professional development; and to support you in achieving results for your organisation.

I believe self-awareness is now crucial for leadership success in today’s complex business environment. An inside-out approach will help deepen your understanding of the values, beliefs and personal drivers that support you developing a more intentional leadership approach. This process will improve your interpersonal effectiveness and enable you to lead others with greater vulnerability and authenticity.

As you take on a more senior role in your organisation, so the opportunity to receive open and honest feedback diminishes. Executive coaching provides a way to receive valuable input at a crucial time in your career, when your behaviour has a more significant impact on others in your organisation as you become a more influential role model in shaping the culture of the company.

A critical role for you as a leader is to bring about organisational change. To achieve this requires increased collaboration in creating and executing your strategic vision. I offer a confidential process for you to reflect on your vision and how to engage others by exploring the strength of your stakeholder relationships, and how to develop the commitment to implement your strategic vision and build organisational capabilities.

Executive coaching also plays an important part in changing leadership roles, helping leaders through the process of self-managing their on-boarding into a new role or organisation.  With almost half of new leaders failing to gain traction in a new role, research suggests the use of executive coaching as part of an induction process can double the likelihood of success in a new position.


If you’d like to learn more about my executive coaching programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

Executive Coaching Benefits

For leaders, the benefits come with greater self-awareness of how your personal drivers influence your leadership and interpersonal effectiveness, including your communication, decision-making, conflict management, resilience, adaptability, team leadership and management of change.

At an organisational level, the benefits of an executive coaching program include increased employee engagement and retention through more effective leadership, with a more engaged team driving innovation, increased productivity, and more successful change programs.

Executive Coaching Programs

Each executive coaching program is different, with every session tailored to the needs of the client and the organisational context. Individual sessions cover specific coaching goals, with coaching that is responsive to real-time business and leadership and operational challenges. Below are two executive coaching programs that illustrate the typical components.

Executive Coaching

  • 3–9 month engagement
  • 3–6 stakeholder interviews with a confidential feedback report
  • 6–12 coaching sessions ranging from 60–90 minutes
  • Video check-in sessions conducted via ZOOM
  • Unlimited access to address any burning challenges and opportunities

Executive Transition

  • 3-month engagement
  • 6 coaching sessions ranging from 60–90 minutes
  • Opportunity to integrate mentoring and training sessions
  • Video check-in sessions conducted via ZOOM
  • Unlimited access to address any burning challenges and opportunities

“Leaders hold a special place in the landscape of change, with a clarity of purpose, and the ability to connect with people and mobilise the forces for change”

Mary Beth O'Neil

Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart

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