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I take an evidence-based approach to professional development by using contemporary tools and theoretical approaches. As a coach, I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation and participate in ongoing coaching supervision.

In developing an inside-out way of working, my belief is that in a rapidly changing workplace, the ability to adapt and shift your thinking is critical to success. My coaching process addresses this by exploring your inner world to understand how your values, beliefs and personal drivers influence your leadership style. It also helps you to identify any disruptive thinking patterns, blind spots and emotional triggers that may be impeding your performance.

We take these learnings to explore the organisational context in which you work and how this impacts your performance, and also to examine your interpersonal relationships, team dynamics and the stakeholders you interact with in achieving your professional goals. Using this process will build your emotional intelligence and help you to become more flexible and agile to change.

In delivering this proposition, I have created a series of flexible, dynamic and high-impact development programs that incorporate the use of organisational coaching, combined with mentoring and training. I offer a range of professional development programs including an intentional leadership program and a series of sessions designed to improve interpersonal effectiveness in teams.

As a coach, I use contemporary theoretical approaches drawing on the latest research in organisational coaching and leadership theory and practice, as well as learnings from neuroscience, positive psychology, narrative coaching, team coaching and cognitive behavioural techniques.  Furthermore, to maintain the highest standards of service, I follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) code of ethics and core competencies and have been accredited by the ICF as an associated certified coach.

As an ICF-certified coach I am committed to continuous professional development and participate in ongoing coaching supervision to ensure you receive the highest standards of coaching. This commitment underpins a way of working designed to create the optimal coaching environment for you to focus on achieving your professional goals, as well as positively contributing to the reputation of the coaching industry and, importantly, building long-term client partnerships.

There are five beliefs that describe my inside-out approach to coaching. These beliefs inform the coaching process and will help you and your team get the most out of my professional development programs.

Way of Working:

1. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it

I will partner will you to establish motivating goals, put rigour around the measures and the timeframe for success, and use data from stakeholder interviews to support the learning process

2. Your success will come from the inside out

I will take a systemic approach through exploration at an intrapersonal and interpersonal level, looking at team dynamics and the stakeholders interface influencing performance.

3. Challenge your thinking to change your behaviour

I will help you to become more aware of the stories, patterns of thinking, and any performance-interfering thoughts that are getting in the way of achieving your work-related goals.

4. Leverage your strengths as a source of growth

I will encourage a positive dialogue and help you identify and better leverage your strengths, to support your creativity, problem-solving and goal attainment.

5. Turn your personal insights into a plan of action

I will partner with you on real-time business and leadership challenges as the basis for learning and growth, and work with you to create an action plan and the accountability for change.

I help develop more intentional leaders by coaching from the inside out

If you’d like to learn more about my way of working, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.


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