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Andrew Sherman

Andrew Sherman

Founder & Coach

Coaching for More Intentional Leadership From the Inside Out

What are the moments when you’re on autopilot?

Autopilot is when the unconscious mind is in the driving seat.

Your autopilot is a way of navigating the thousands of decisions you make each day. However, it can also get in the way when you need to solve today’s more complex problems, or when you react negatively to a situation.

With the accelerated pace of change and a mobile device always in our hand, autopilot is becoming the default way of navigating the pressures of modern life.

To help people challenge their default to autopilot, I coach individuals and teams to develop more intentional leadership; because when we practice more intentional leadership, we are better placed to thrive in complexity and change.

    Thrive in Complexity and Change with More Intentional Leadership

    Narrative Process

    My approach to executive coaching will help you get to the crux of your leadership challenges in less time and achieve sustainable results by exploring the stories that are getting in the way. This narrative process is an evidence-based methodology that has been used with over 20,000 leaders globally to achieve breakthrough results. 

    Systemic Approach

    I help you explore the system in which you work to clarify what is getting in the way and help you develop the resources to achieve your professional goals. It is a process that encourages you to make new connections, challenge old paradigms, discovers possibilities that help you better navigates your future leadership challenges.


    To deliver this approach, I have a results-focused way of working that combines proven theoretical frameworks, with the benefit of practical business leadership experience. A way of working that partners with you on real-time challenges, encourage you to take deliberate action and creates the accountability for change.

    I work with established leaders, future leaders and high-potential teams to achieve results through executive coachingworkshop facilitation, and team development.

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